Trojan Women

Euripides's wartime tragedy Trojan Women unfolds on a contemporary front: the streets of a community shattered by police brutality against the black and brown lives who claim the neighborhood as their own. Amidst oppression, grief, and violence, the strength of the female spirit lives on, remaining a force of ownership over their homes and families even in the face of conflict with their oppressors. Through the lens of media frenzy, cellphone footage, and home videos, the audience witnesses these battles of the modern world as they play out in neighborhood streets and living room news reports. 

Written and Directed by Avery Willis Hoffman

Produced by Elisabeth Gray


The Wedding Reception

Theatre, Southern cuisine, and cringe-worthy family tensions combine at The Wedding Reception, an immersive entertainment experience in which audience members take front row seats as guests at the marriage of a young East Texan woman to her newlywed husband from Brooklyn. In an elegant NYC wedding venue, audience member mingle with a polarizing array of family and friends, ranging from the bride's Trump loving, gun fanatic cousins to the groom's working class New Yorker guests. The Wedding Reception is a three course meal served with a major side of discomfort, forcing participants to examine what unifies us amid a tumultuous political climate. And yes, there will be dancing. 

Written and Directed by Elisabeth Gray

Produced by Avery Willis Hoffman