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Lemon wants to lose her virginity. Now. Living in a wealthy, image driven, competitive neighborhood as an overweight teenager who could not care less about the “standards” of her fancy gated community, high school and romance have not been an easy ride. With the help of her best friend, Dallas, Lemon concocts a plan to use Instagram fame as a way to attract guys. When things get out of hand and the line between Lemon and her overblown, digital persona begins to blur, Lemon has to face the hard questions of why she started this mission in the first place, and if what she has lost along the way has been worth it.

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Everything in Eva’s new rural Kansas town feels a little strange. She can’t shake the feeling that she and her father don’t seem to be alone in their secluded, fixer-upper home, and there is this strange boy, Zone, who seems to be both avoiding her and spying on her at school. Eventually, these occurrences collide, revealing Eva’s home as holding a concealed link to the secret world of the Time Keepers, a society devoted to the protection and distribution of time. When Eva discovers that not only Zone, her unlikely friend and the bridge from her world to the next, but her father and all of humankind at large could soon be the victims of the machinations of an army of insurgents living throughout the span of history aiming to overthrow the order established by the Time Keepers, she must decide: stay in Kansas or join the fight.

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Life is looking pretty rosy for 28-year-old Eliza Langdon, founder and president of Achievement League, the $500-an-hour tutoring company that ensures well-pedigreed children gain admission into well-pedigreed institutions. She’s making big money, she’s hobnobbing with the jet set, and she’s her own boss. But when a thirteen year old student of the company goes missing with $2 million dollars, leaving a note that implicates the company as the reason for her disappearance, all hell breaks loose. Eliza risks losing the company and revealing a world of secrets brewing beneath the surface.


Esmerelda Clock is a self proclaimed heroine, adventurer, steward of the world’s ancient treasures, and 1930’s Hollywood film star style explorer. She also just happens to be living in an apartment in NYC in the year 2018. Quirky, innocent, living by her own rules of fantasy and wanderlust, and completely shut off from technology, Esmerelda lives a very happy life leading volunteer tours at the Natural History Museum…even though the staff has reminded her many times that she is neither a licensed professional nor an official employee and therefore must cease any unauthorized educational efforts. When Esmerelda's young nephew Sam comes to live with her during the summer of his parents messy divorce, the two end up on the quest of a lifetime as they track a corrupt museum board member all the way to Africa to stop his wicked counterfeit schemes, thus beginning a long line of adventures and missions around the world.